[Again] Education is a research and teaching practice group concerned with the unsatisfactory state of existing educational institutions. Our research approach has grown out of our own experience of school and university as, above all, a missed opportunity in which the collective task of learning was too often subordinated to competitive and individualised objectives. Those of us who studied texts orientated around social critique have found such processes especially disappointing; although the content of the course may be ‘radical’ the manner in which it is taught is anything but.

We are current or prospective teachers who meet once a month to reflect upon the current state of education and to develop our own teaching practice in relation to this. We are currently looking to work with alternative educational projects to offer teaching informed by our ongoing reflective practice. If you are interested in the project, either as an individual wanting to get involved, or as an institution looking to provide courses on philosophy, critical theory or the humanities more generally, please contact us on: